Grocery gift cards being collected for needy in diocese

To assist people in need in each deanery of the diocese, grocery food cards — ideally in amounts of $5 or $10 — are still being collected as part of the offering begun at Bishop John Taylor’s July 8 consecration liturgy.
Under the theme “Feeding Hungry Hearts,” 10 initial packets representing $150 in gift cards are being dispersed to food programs in each of the 10 deaneries, organizers said.
Gift cards, tagged “Feeding Hungry Hearts,” may still be mailed to the Bishop’s Office at the Cathedral Center, 840 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026 for future disbursement as part of an ongoing diocesan initiative.
“All people’s hearts are hungry for a sense of belonging, purpose, and ultimate meeting,” Bishop Taylor told The Episcopal News. “All too many of our neighbors are also struggling to feed their hungry families. I’m deeply grateful for our wonderful people’s generosity and love, in the spirt of our ‘Seeds of Hope’ food justice ministry and the anti-hunger ministries that thrive in so many of our churches.”
A similar offering will be taken when Diocesan Convention meets in December, planners say.