safe water and better livelihoods in kenya

Our friend The Rev. Joseph Oloimooja, pastor at Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Los Angeles, writes of his mission in Kenya, his homeland, which was featured recently in the diocesan Episcopal News. We ask that you consider the extraordinary work he is doing and what you can do to help:
“This project has gone smoothly and we praise God for the progress and abundance of water that this borehole will provide for this Eluanata dispensary. The drilling crew had set up permanent casing and test pumping was done.  It was just about an hour after the drilling equipment were set up, the drilling crew decided to drill and set temporary casing. This all went well, so the crew decided to continue drilling and by 6 PM Kenya time had drilled about 40 meters and had to stop due to darkness. The following day by 10 Am the drilling crew had already hit of the Aquifers at 68 meters and had water coming to the surface. Later that afternoon the second aquifer was encountered at about 90 meters and lots of water was already shooting up in the air. This aquifer will be the primary source of water for this borehole. .Ground water is generally a readily available source of clean, safe, water drinking water throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Taping into and developing existing ground water resources through the promotion of new, appropriate drilling technologies and utilizing cost effective water well construction technologies is the most universally reliable method of meeting the clean water needs of the rural communities in developing countries like Kenya.

Water is one of the most precious resources we have, a resource that sustains life. Its lack of it perpetuates the cycle of poverty please Join us as we give thanks to our friends and donors and Glory to God for great things he has done yet again. This new borehole will increase access to clean, safe drinking water among HIV-Positive people in Eluanata village. People living with HIV in this community are especially vulnerable to diseases that can be spread through unsafe drinking water because of their weakened immune systems. These people must have access to clean water, safe drinking water if they are to survive. This access is key in preventing water-borne diseases such as, cholera, typhoid, diarrhea and many other diseases linked to drinking unsafe water. Water and sanitation related diseases collectively account for 80% of all sicknesses in Kenya and other developing countries. These diseases can be prevented today and you have just prevented them by donating to this water well project. Now they have provision of clean water, safe for drinking and do not have to hinge on new technologies of various discoveries. And with that I give thanks to each on you who have prayed for this project and who have donated for this project. If the Lord lay it in your hear to donate to this great cause makes check payable to Kindness Mission and mail them 1501 North Palos Verdes Drive, Unit #128 Harbor City, CA 90710.”
For more information visit the Kindness Mission website.

magazines and paperback books needed for prison ministry

PRISMPrism, the diocese’s restorative justice ministry that provides chaplains for Los Angeles County jails and hospitals, needs magazines to distribute in jails. Preferred magazines include Christian Century, Sojourners, Time, National Geographic, The Atlantic, Smithsonian, Oprah, Parents, Self, Glamor and Allure. Paperback books are also welcome, specifically those from important spiritual writers and theologians such as Thomas Merton, Joan Chittister, Brian McLaren, Richard Rohr, Rob Bell, Matthew Fox, Cynthia Bourgeault, etc. Any books on the mystics are needed, along with Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence, and books on domestic violence, addiction and recovery, and contemplative practice. Prism especially needs copies of God Believes in Love, by Bishop Gene Robinson, and God and the Gay Christian, by Matthew Vines. All books must be in paperback format. Books and magazines may be sent or brought to the Cathedral Center of St. Paul at 840 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles 90026. For further information, contact the Rev. Dennis Gibbs, 213.482.2040 or